Yalobusha Review is a journal of new writing, founded in 1995 and operated by the graduate writing program at the University of Mississippi. We seek to showcase work that alters or subverts mainstream forms of expression—work that is, in a broad sense, experimental, though that takes many forms. We believe the reading experience should be a kinetic one, and to that end, we favor art that has its own source of energy, drawn from tonal individuality, linguistic texture, and above all, a sense of exploration. 

YR accepts free submissions until we have reached capacity for the month. At that point, submitters may use our tip jar submissions or wait until the new month to submit for free.

Submissions may close during contests and summer months. 

All submissions should include a cover letter (the shorter the better) with titles of submissions, a brief, press-ready biographical statement, and any relevant contact information. YR does not accept previously published pieces. Simultaneous submissions are not only permitted but expected; please notify us immediately if a piece is chosen for publication elsewhere. Response time can take up to five or six months. 

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Because we are a volunteer-run publication, tip jar submissions help us to host readings and events, attends conferences like AWP, buy thank-you gifts for our staff readers, and keep a steady flow of coffee in the hands of the editors.

Please submit one essay (up to 4000 words) or up to 3 micro essays (less than 1000 words apiece). If submitting 3 shorter works, please include all pieces in one file. 

Please submit in standard manuscript format (12-point font, double spaced, Times New Roman)  

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please let us know if a piece is accepted elsewhere by manually withdrawing your submission. If a flash piece needs to be withdrawn, please notify us via the notes tool on Submittable. Submit in .docx, .doc, or .pdf format.  

Please wait thirty days after response before submitting again. 

Please wait at least 120 days to query the status of your manuscript. Questions and queries may be sent to yreditors@gmail.com

We welcome previously unpublished work from writers of all backgrounds and identities, particularly including people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, members of religious minorities, people outside the United States, and all others whom traditional publishing has historically excluded. 

Yalobusha Review